The #1 Diet Pill in America Today 

Real Medicine NOT an Herbal Supplement


PhenTabz was scientifically designed by Gentech Pharmaceutical to be a safer alternative and more effective replacement to the weight loss drug known as Phentermine (Adipex). Doctors have prescribed Phentermine for decades and to this day, it is the most prescribed medication of all time for weight loss and appetite suppression. PhenTabz was designed not only to be safer for the user but also more effective than Phentermine.




*What is the active ingredients in PhenTabz?

- Phentabz is a patented combination of Octopamine, Methyl Synephrine and Trimethylxanthine, specifically designed for the management of weight loss in patients with an initial Body Mass Index (BMI) of greater than 25kg/m₂.


*How does PhenTabz work?

-The patented ingredients in PhenTabz perform two essential functions. It increases the body’s mobility of fat while increasing metabolic rate. PhenTabz then greatly reduces appetite to ensure patients have control and motivation. The bottom line is that PhenTabz provides consistent significant weight loss and increased energy.


*How often do I take PhenTabz?

- 1Tablet 30 minutes prior to breakfast, followed by 1 Tablet 30 minutes prior to lunch.For best results, Phentabz should be taken on an empty stomach with 8oz water. Late evening administration should be avoided (risk of insomnia). 


*How much weight will I lose with PhenTabz?

- While everyone is diffrent, according to a receint study, "Average weight loss across all patients over the 12 week period was 18.4 lbs. No patients failed to finish the 12 week course, none were excluded and none pulled out of the trial due to adverse reactions."


*What is the difference between PhenTabz and the prescription Phentermine?

-Phentermine is a prescription drug that is designated as an amphetamine and classified as a controlled substance. PhenTabz is a true pharmaceutical grade weight loss/appetite suppressant that is available without a prescription. PhenTabz offers superior weight loss, appetite suppression and thermogenic effects from increased metabolism.


*Are PhenTabz safe?

-Yes! Please keep in mind that all of Gentech’s products come in an OTC version as well as in a prescription version. There has been tremendous excitement and acceptance of PhenTabz from both the medical world and general public. We have hundreds of physicians that carry our products in their offices. While the general public might be mildly discriminating; the medical world is pure due diligence, efficacy, safety and results based.


*What is the pricing how much does PhenTabz cost?

-A bottle of PhenTabz (30 day supply) costs $69.00.


*How many pills are in the bottle?

-A single bottle (30 day supply) has 60 tablets.


*What happens if I forget to take a dose?

-Do NOT double up (take 2 at a time). Simply take your next pill at the next scheduled time. For example if you forget to take one before breakfast, just have the one before lunch (only 1) at your usual time.


*Who shouldn't take PhenTabz?

- You should not take PhenTabz if you are Pregnant or Nursing, if you have a known hypersensitivity to Phentabz or any of its ingredients, or if you are currently taking other weight loss drugs. You should check with your docotr before using PhenTabz if you have any of the following conditions, High Blood Pressure, Hyperthyroidism, Heart Disease, Cardiovascular Disease.


*I take medicine for other conditions, is PhenTabz safe for me?

- While PhenTabz have no known drug interactions, please consult your own physician if you have any question at all. 


 *Can teens take PhenTabz?  

Safety and effectiveness has as yet not been established. In patients between the ages of 13-18.


*Why does PhenTabz make such a difference?

-Without the right tools losing weight safely and keeping it off are nearly impossible. Fighting genetics, hunger, lack of energy and motivation is enough to make the strongest willed person quit or not even bother attempting to lose weight! PhenTabz was specifically designed with all these real world and important factors in mind.

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